Design , delivery and installation of Video Wall Systems for:

  • Control and command rooms – for monitoring and control of continuous operation (24/7) and mission critical applications, based on DLP Technology
  • TV studios
  • Sport Halls
  • Large displays for indoor and outdoor installation – LED
  • Information and Interactive touch displays
  • Live video & Streaming

Engineering and commercial activities in the field of Telecommunication, Information and AV systems. Design, delivery, installation and service of telecommunication, computer and multimedia equipment.

Provision, installation and maintenance of computer, communication and multimedia equipment, professional videoconferencing equipment, Video Walls in Bulgaria and neighboring countries

Design and consultancy services in the field of Information, Telecommunication and Visualization Technologies; engineering and implementation of complete IT projects

Audio and Videoconference Systems and Telepresence Solutions

Implementation of Interactive, Digital Signage, Holographic solutions

Content management Systems

Complete network and highly reliable infrastructure IT solutions and information security systems

System integration of telecommunication systems, wireless and mobile communication and multimedia solutions; Cloud, Customer’s care and Call center solutions

Specialized equipment for Control rooms, study audiences, sports halls

Software development on customer request